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Popular Media

Indian housewife, elated after tasting a cucumber, showing OK sign

  • ID: 6902

Small Indian musician sitting restfully on his hand drum

  • ID: 4471

 An unsmiling man with a serious expression

  • ID: 1866

An exhausted young girl resting on the floor as she studies from her book

  • ID: 8218

The sculptures of Kamasutra at the Konark Temple in India

  • ID: 665

French fries and burger in a plate on wooden surface

  • ID: 9886

Two gold bangles stacked on a rough stone, peculiarly shining

  • ID: 10376

Indian groom garlanding, a matrimonial custom

  • ID: 11889

Cute Punjabi girl wearing a salwar suit doing bhangra

  • ID: 10840

Fried chicken leg served on white plate

  • ID: 9672

Young beautiful faced semi-nude girl smiling

  • ID: 3207

Turmeric, coriander and chili powder in white plates

  • ID: 9404

Little Indian girl standing with badminton racquet and a shuttlecock

  • ID: 7531

Closeup of hyderabadi chicken biryani

  • ID: 10104

 A disappointed man showing his disapproval by making a thumbs down sign

  • ID: 1374

Haryanvi girl child smiling happily dressed in salwar suit

  • ID: 9378

Schoolboy in uniform disinterested in studies

  • ID: 7680

Young Indian woman hiding her face behind a dupatta

  • ID: 4868

A variant form of the Common Emigrant butterfly

  • ID: 96

A teacher pulls the student's ears as he plays mischief, in the classroom

  • ID: 4810

Young adult male, looking upwards with admiration and astonishment

  • ID: 7836

A shrifal tied with a pious thread and betelnuts arranged on green leaves

  • ID: 4172

Interior view of intricate lattice work in stone at the Sidi Saiyed mosque

  • ID: 10364

Indian girl covering her head with a dupatta

  • ID: 6078

A young Indian lady being massaged at the spa

  • ID: 2448

Two toy dolls, the blue doll is surrendering to the one in red

  • ID: 9876